Kunaurra is an aboriginal word meaning 'plant seed'. In a supportive and caring environment, Cheryl facilitates sessions that promote healing and personal growth, planting seeds of hope in a brighter future.

She provides a space where you are seen, heard, understood, accepted and valued, enabling you to connect with your own inner wisdom and your capacity for healing and growth.  

Cheryl also works with couples and families to improve communication, develop understanding and strengthen relationships. 

Kunaurra offers individual and group supervision for Counsellors, Case Managers and Therapists Online.  Cheryl is a registered Counselling Supervisor with ACA, PACFA, and ACSA.

Cheryl supports couples to resolve conflict, improve communication, develop understanding and strengthen their emotional bonds.  Relationship counselling can help couples build a loving, supportive and harmonious relationship.

The tactile and creative nature of sandplay theapy facilitates access to the unconscious mind, allowing the deeper aspets of the psyche to be explored and expressed in a safe and natural way.