Kunaurra is an aboriginal word meaning 'plant seed'. In a supportive and caring environment, our service aims to facilitate healing and personal growth, planting the seeds for a brighter future. Cheryl works with individuals of all ages, to develop self awareness and skills that are life changing, with a resonating influence for the rest of the person’s life.  She also works with couples and families to improve communication, develop understanding and strengthen relationships. 

Kunaurra offers individual and group supervision for Counsellors, Case Managers and Therapists from Port Melbourne and Inverloch.  Cheryl is a registered Counselling Supervisor with ACA, PACFA, AAOS and ACSA.

Cheryl supports couples to resolve conflict, improve communication, develop understanding and strengthen their emotional bonds.  Relationship counselling helps couples build a loving, supportive and harmonious relationship.

The tactile and creative nature of sandplay theapy facilitates access to the unconscious mind, allowing the deeper aspets of the psyche to be explored and expressed in a safe and natural way.




​Kunaurra Counselling ... Planting the seeds for a brighter future

Albert Park | Inverloch

E: cheryl@kunaurracounselling.com  |  M: 0421 281 050