Cheryl has been providing counselling services to individuals, couples and families for over seventeen years. Having been trained in a number of modalities Cheryl is able to respond to each client in a way that meets their unique needs and concerns.


Cheryl holds a Master of Counselling and Human Services and has also undertaken training in Expressive Therapies, Sandplay Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Counselling, and Counselling Supervision. In 2003 she established a training College for Counsellors and Community Workers and in 2009 established an Internship Program and low-cost counselling clinic in Caroline Springs. She currently works for The Cairnmillar Institute as a Lecturer and Supervisor in the Master of Counselling & Pyschotherapy program and also works for Monash University as a Supervisor of Master of Counselling students. 



Cheryl's Approach


"I feel that my effectiveness as a Therapist comes from my ability to be truly present to my clients and their unique experiences, whether working with them individually or within a couple or family. This allows me to gain a clear understanding of each person’s inner and outer experience, their feelings, concerns and needs.


I trust in my clients’ innate wisdom and orientation towards growth.  I have found that, if I can be truly present to my client and create a space for reflection and exploration, together we can make sense of experience, enabling the client to find a way forward.


This may mean working on strategies to navigate current difficulties, or it may mean connecting to the inner self to release emotions and express and process past hurts that are contributing to unhealthy patterns.


During my work with clients I use a range of methods and techniques to help them develop awareness around automatic responses and patterns of behaviour and empower them to relieve distress and bring about the changes and growth they wish to create."



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