Counselling for Children & Families

Children's Counselling


One of the joys of my practice is working with children and young people. 


As much as we would like to protect our children from distress and trauma, life presents many changes and challenges.  Children can have troubling experiences at school, within their families or within their communities.  For all families and communities, there will be times of conflict, illness, loss or trauma and it can be helpful to have compassionate, confidential, non-judgemental support from an external source.


A child or young person can benefit greatly from having a safe place to express themselves and process their experience with an understanding and trusted professional.  To support a young person process their experience and develop resilience, I use story telling, sandplay, art, symbol work and other expressive therapies.  Therapy is safe, non threatening and can even be fun.  


I have worked with children, adolescents and families over a number of years in a range of settings and I have experience working with individuals and families affected by ASD. 

Family Therapy


Having been trained in Family Therapy, I also work with families to resolve conflicts, overcome family crises and build positive family relationships.  My experience working with individuals of all ages enables me to work effectively with the whole family, helping them to move forward with better patterns of relating and strategies for improving communication, problem solving and resolving conflict.