Couples counselling at Inverloch

Inverloch would have to be one of my most favourite places on the planet! It is a place where I can ground myself, recalibrate, reconnect to nature and come home to myself. Of course there are other places I can do this, but not quite with the same ease and sense of joy.

I have long held a fantasy of a 'sea change', moving down to Inverloch and enjoying the delights of this wonderful place. However the idea is not so practical in reality. My husband and I both have work we enjoy in the city, and we also enjoy sharing activities around our lovely home town of Port Melbourne. And then there's the grandchildren!!

So, for nearly ten years now I have been a semi-regular visitor to this lovely seaside town, and more recently a sometimes professional, offering individual and couples counselling from the Community Hub and sometimes even from our little weekender. I've been honoured to work with and support some wonderful local people, although my couples counselling work in Melbourne made it difficult to be here as regularly as I would like.

However ... things are about to change! I'm having a work 'sea change' and I will now be offering Couples Counselling and Family Counselling at Inverloch on a weekly basis.

I have booked a room at the Community Hub for Monday each week, with out of hours appointments and also some weekend appointments available.

I'm delighted with this arrangement and grateful to be able to access such a terrific resource in the Community Hub. I'm looking forward to being here more often and meeting more lovely locals.

See you in Inverloch!

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