Supervisor Training and PD

Kunaurra and Into Blue offer a Training Program for Supervisors, which is endorsed by PACFA.  The program is made up of 3 x 2-day workshops, over a period of 4 months.  Completion of this training will provide participants with the training required to register with PACFA as a recognised supervisor.

In 2020, as a result of the pandemic, we took our training online, which was a huge success.  In 2021 we are offering both online and face to face :

Online training

    29th & 30th January

    26th & 27th February 

    26th & 27th March

Face to face workshops will be offered at Kindred Art Space in Frankston, on the following dates:

    29th & 30th April

    27th & 28th May
    15th & 16th June

To find out more, or book a place, please visit


​I am a registered supervisor with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and the Australian Clinical Supervision Association (ACSA).

I love my work as a supervisor and feel passionate about supporting other practitioners in their development and growth as therapists.  I take a Person-centred, Reflective practice approach, providing a safe and supportive space where counsellors are able to reflect on their work with clients, as well as their own experience.


Whilst I provide feedback and guidance on client work, I also support the therapist to draw on their own experience and knowledge. 


I see my role as supervisor as one of holding the therapist so they are able to hold their clients. Sometimes the focus of the session will be on the therapist's experience and their own process or responses to clients.  Other times we will discuss a specific approach or intervention and how it could be applied. 


There are also times when we will discuss personal issues and their impact on the therapist's life and work.  I am interested in the whole person, the 'self as therapist' and how I can best support them, in service to their clients and in their own development and growth.


To do this, I believe it's important for me to be fully present for the therapist, so that I can understand their experience and provide the right support or guidance in that moment.



Supervision groups

Regular monthly online supervision groups of 2.5 hours duration.  These groups are for regular attendees who wish to be part of an ongoing group of core participants. This encourages group members to develop familiarity and a sense of safety, allowing honest sharing and feedback, providing greater opportunities for exploration, growth and development.  Sessions are held online using 'Zoom'.


These sessions provide an opportunity for case consultation, as well as opportunities to engage in reflective activities for self exploration.  Self reflective activities are designed to support self awareness and insights that foster personal and professional development.

Friday mornings (monthly):         9.00am to 11am

Monday mornings (bi-monthly):   9.30am to 12.00 noon

(These groups are now full​ - if you are interested in being part of a new group, please contact Cheryl)


Cost: $110 per session.


Feedback from participants of Supervision Groups


"Cheryl Taylor is a highly experienced facilitator and supervisor and I have found her workshops to be fertile ground for learning and open discussion that accommodates the perspectives and experiences of individual participants. I have attended several of her workshops and highly recommend them to anyone looking to broaden their knowledge base and build their confidence as a practitioner."  WK, Werribee and Melbourne


"These specialized supervision/workshop sessions are a great way to expand our networking with new colleagues. New knowledge is gained and sessions such as these always arm us with new perceptions and perspectives around a given topic. This in turn breathes new life and energy into our own delivery and methods of counseling clients. These sessions also provide validation that we are not alone with personal issues."  JB, Williamstown